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strong, enduring, active
large, understanding, easy-going
small, flexible, tough
enduring, cool-headed, silent type
bundle of energy, versatile interests, ambitious
hothead, likes discussion and debate, loves the sauna
sporty, cool-headed, silent type
high-spirited, loves debate, extrovert
enduring, athletic, spontaneous
broad shoulders to lean on, pragmatic, resilient
quiet type, loves barbecues and computer games
punctilious, takes his work very seriously, enjoys fishing
enduring, "tough cookie", good listener
warm-hearted, full of laughter, loves animals, enjoys cooking
enduring, spontaneous, athletic
passionate about music, dynamic, energetic
athletic, loves fun and laughter, sporty
wiry, loyal, reliable
petite, ambitious, full of energy, slim
petite, a fighter, thorough
fresh, easy-going, determined

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